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Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating practice. It’s a meditation where you do not only relax and restore on a deep level, you also connect to your authentic self. Yoga Nidra teaches you that you have a home within yourself, and it teaches you the way to return there.It’s a deeply spiritual practice that can reveal a lot of insights and support you on the path of awakening and it can be beneficial for many stress-related problems. If you have always wanted to dive into meditation more, but find it hard to sit still and focus, then Yoga Nidra can be a huge support. It teaches you the way to that state of meditation in an effortless manner.

In this workshop, we’ll look at how this journey works and create more clarity about the levels of consciousness you travel through. You also get a glimpse of how Yoga Nidra can help with overcoming obstacles, and how it helps to heal you on a deep level.

After sharing some background information we will experience a deeply relaxing and restorative practice. All levels welcome.

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yoga nidra workshop

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29 November 2020

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weekend training for yoga teachers:

How to create a gentle slow flow class
13 November  2020
TULA  Amsterdam

Create a gentle practice from the heart!
Are you brave enough to do less? The art of letting go…

Integrating a softer, inquiring, approach into any yoga class. In this module we will investigate the power of doing less. When you do less and when you move slow, there is more space to move with attention and awareness. This creates space to deepen your experience of yoga, but it is also very suitable for the students in your class who are new to yoga.
As a teacher you have to create space for your students to practice in a very conscious way. You will then be able to guide your students to make that shift from ‘doing’ the practice, towards ‘experiencing’ the practice. This is something incredible powerful and it builds the base for every way of practicing yoga.
So also if you want to deepen your Vinyasa teaching skills, this module is for you!
Everything you learn in this Vinyasa slow flow module can be used to enrich your Vinyasa class as well.

• The essentials and ingredients for a more gentle practice
• How to keep the flow while slowing down
• How to build your class and make it suitable for different times during the day
• Different breathing techniques, and when and how to safely apply these
• How to work with visualisations
• Relaxation techniques to either calm the nervous system and/or energize the body and when and how to apply them • How to build a well balanced class
• Work in a little study group and practice how to build your own slow flow class

• You will have a deeper understanding of the power of doing less and how to integrate this in your classes
• You will leave well-equipped and you will know how design a Vinyasa slow flow class
• You will develop a meaningful and authentic Vinyasa slow flow sequence yourself

This weekend training is for yoga teachers who successfully completed a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and want to learn how to create a gentle Vinyasa slow flow yoga class from the heart. The skills you will learn can also be applied to deepen the experience of your Vinyasa classes as well.

Friday 13th of November: 18.30 – 21.30 hrs
Saturday 14th of November: 09.30 – 17.30 hrs
Sunday 15th of November: 09.30 – 17.30 hrs
TULA Bos en Lommer

*€339,- early bird
€375,- regular (10% discount for members on the regular price)
*valid until September 13th.

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weekend training for yoga teachers:

The magic of storytelling |;
 how to build a wholistic class and how to create a scenery for people to go on their own yoga journey exploring themselves.
29 Januari 2021
TULA Amsterdam
What makes a great story magical? Not only the way it is delivered, but especially the way the story is experienced by the audience. It is not only about the good words, but it goes way beyond that. What are you going to do so your audience feels and experience the message of that story? A story only comes to life when it is felt, lived and experienced. When a story is heard, felt and lived, the message of the story can integrate, and might get a place in some one’s life.
The core of this module is exploration. I will guide you to find your way of teaching just as you will guide your student into their personal experience of yoga. Every yoga class can be a story to be told. For me, a yoga class is like going on a little journey with yourself, were you explore yourself.

How do you create a space for your students where it feels as if they can go on an adventure with themselves? The magic happens when people have their own experience within the yoga class. This is the moment when they discover new things or get insights themselves. Even though you open a door for them, they are the ones walking through it and explore. By telling a story, which can be based on anything that you are working with in your life right now (a theme, a book, anything), you can invite your student to explore. How to do this will be explained in this module.

In this training you will learn how to create stories, how to build a decor and provide a save space. Excite curiosity and hand out tools. You create the space for people to go on a date with themselves!


• You will learn how you connect the different planes of consciousness in a way that they reinforce each other, and allow your students to experience one-ness
• You will know the ingredients to build a wholistic class, integrating body, mind and soul
• How to use the art of storytelling to transform your yoga class into a journey
• How to work with themes in an integrated way
• How to make a creative sequence that fits the story
• To use and apply philosophy in a way that it can actually be experienced and investigated within a yoga class
• How to keep the flow while telling a story
• Integrating pranayama’s and visualisations that suit your story

• You will leave this training with a wholistic yoga class build around a story
• A class that you explored and created yourself; ready to use as an invitation for many more to come

This weekend training is for yoga teachers who successfully completed a 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and want to learn how to build a wholistic class. There will also be lots of attention on creative sequencing and how to make your sequence fit the story. A well-designed sequence is a story on it’s own. We will work on how to make the story that your body travels through come together with the story of your class. This is how you build a wholistic class.
Although this is a Vinyasa based training, the skills you will learn can be applied to deepen any form of yoga.

Friday 29th of January 2020: 18.30 – 21.30hrs
Saturday 30th of January 2020: 09.30 – 17.30hrs
Sunday 31st of January 2020: 09.30 – 17.30hrs
TULA Bos en Lommer

*€339,- early bird
€375,- regular (10% discount for members on the regular price)
*valid until 29th of November ‘19