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‘Yoga is like going on a date with yourself’


Chocolate Ceremony

After the festivities of December many of us are kind of sitting out the cold and grey months before spring arrives. 
How perfect to use this time to go within ,be present with what is there.
Especially now, while more light slowly starts to arrive through the lengthening of the days…

letting go of what can leave,
welcome in what is there to keep.
that what you wish to add into your life.

Once it’s time for a new cycle, with the arrival of spring…live it. 

To support you with this process I organize another cacao ceremony.

In this ceremony there will be space to become aware of what’s alive in you. You will be guided towards making a personal intention or ‘san kalpa’. After drinking the cacao you will experience a yoga nidra soundbath build around the themes shared in the group.  We will close the ceremony with a surprise practice which will help you to anchor your experience and allow it to grow into the next couple of months. Finally we will ground ourselves with a light meal.

The ceremony includes:
-a lavender filled eye pillow for you to take home.
-ceremony chocolate
-create your personal san kalpa (intention)
-yoga nidra & soundbath
-surprise practice
-light meal

From experience I know how magical it is to work in small groups, so there will be only 5 spots available.

Date: 5 March
Time: 15.00 -18.30
Place: Amsterdam-west
Price: €63

    Yoga nidra & sound  immersion

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating guided    meditation with many health benefits.

Additionally, this practice helps you connect to your authentic self. Yoga Nidra teaches you that you have a home within yourself, and it teaches you the way to return there.

During this  workshop, you will immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Yoga Nidra. 

Fleur van Zonneveld will teach you more about how yoga nidra works. You will discover its immense power and how it can be of great help on different levels, and in different situations in your life.

You will be guided towards creating a personal intention, or Sankalpa, to support you in this process.  And of course, you will experience several Yoga Nidra’s  supported by the magic and healing vibrations of sound throughout the day.

New dates coming soon!

25 September- 1 October 2023

The Craft of Flow: Vinyasa Krama for Yoga Teachers (50-Hour Training) @ Delight yoga


In this 50-hour training for yoga teachers, you will deepen your knowledge on Vinyasa and Vinyasa Krama while exploring the Art of Flow.

Rather than performing each asana as an independent pose, Vinyasa Krama mirrors the flowing energy of the universe, creating connections between the poses. Krama means the stages or steps within a Vinyasa sequence, based on the principle of progression over time. Vinyasa Krama uses variations of each asana to open the mind and body.

Mind, body, and breath are unified into a state of harmony

Vinyasa Krama practices can be structured around a certain theme: physically, mentally, or energetically. The practice builds intelligently towards a peak: this can be a pose, an idea, or an energy. On this path, every step we take creates a contribution to the process, to the whole. Each step is equally important, reminding us of the power of the present moment.

Vinyasa Krama is an intuitive way of practicing yoga because each asana is allowed to unfold into the next — in the same way that events in the world develop and gradually unfold. When asanas, the sequence of change, are woven together with breath and conscious intention, we align ourselves with the continuous flow, the undulating rhythm, of the universe.

This advanced 7-day training for yoga teachers is new to Delight and given by Moena de Jong and Fleur van Zonneveld, both of whom are experienced Vinyasa teachers. You will deepen your own practice as well as your teaching skills based on the fluid method of Vinyasa Krama.


We will explore the concept of ‘Flow’

You will learn how to create and keep the flow going in your classes while holding space for your students so they can experience their own journey within the safety of a well designed class. You will learn how to enrich your Sadhana with Nada (the development of a sound body and mind through deep listening). This can be incorporated in a class using music that accompanies the sequence in an organic way, through Mantra and silence.

The core of this training will be the principle of Vinyasa Krama: learning how to teach a Vinyasa class for different levels and how to modify the Asanas in the sequence. You will become familiar with the art of sequencing for different levels and interweaving themes in your classes.

Another aspect of the training are the principles of assisting during a flow: finding the right touch at the right moment. Keeping up with the spirit of our time, we will also explore different ways of assisting. How can you assist without touching, on an individual basis or in a class setting, in a way that will not disturb the flow or (physical and emotional) safety in the room.

We will also integrate Mantra and study the Sanskrit meaning word by word, so you can dive deeper into discovering the role of this ancient language. Meditation will be the red thread, connecting to that eternal unchanging reality within.

Key takeaways from this 50-hour training:

– Exploring the concepts of Vinyasa and Flow, and how to apply them in all layers of your teaching.

– creative sequencing towards a peak (pose)

– learning how to teach different levels Vinyasa classes

– theming

– assisting in the flow

– modifying asanas

– Mantra and philosophy


In order to participate in this training, you are required to have followed a 200-hour yoga teacher training.

For more info and subscription;


Chakra workshop!

 The chakras as a guide through daily life.

An afternoon in which you will learn everything about the Chakra’s and especially how to use them practically in everyday life!

What you will learn: 

During the workshop, you will immerse yourself in the chakra system. First, we will bring the chakras alive! Through gentle yoga, pranayama, meditation, and energy work, you will experience the chakras first-hand.

After physically and energetically meeting them, You will  learn about each chakra and you will investigate them on a more theoretical level. There will be lots of space for you to apply the wisdom of the chakras to your personal situation. We will do this through  lecture, conversations, short meditations, and writing assignments.

We will also focus on the developmental stages of the chakra’s. This can be very helpful if you are raising children. But will help you  understand the effects of your own upbringing as well.

In order to integrate and store this knowledge in your subconscious as well.  You will end the day bathing in a  yoga nidra chakra soundbath. Allowing you to retrurn home relaxed and re-energized!

During the day there is much time for your personal process. There will be space to create a personal intention which can be placed in your subconscious straight away in the soundbath.

new dates coming soon!