Wintertime can be the perfect moment to dive inward and rest. These moments of silence form a foundation from where new energy and inspiration can arise.

This Winter Fleur van Hille and me will take you on an inner journey. We will create a space in which you can rest deeply, reflect and connect profoundly to yourself. You’ll travel through the more subtle, unconscious layers of yourself. This can bring you insights about what you were not aware of before. It gives you the opportunity to start the new year with intention.

This weekend will be all about experiencing stillness and ease in the midst of the ever moving waves of life. You will discover that this place is within you already and return home with tools to keep it close to you in your daily life.

Immerse yourself in Yoga Nidra, Gentle Vinyasa Yoga, Soundbath, Mantra singing, Yoga philosophy, Sharing circles en good vibes.

Expect to leave inspired and with more clarity of mind. Enter the new year fresh and energised!


De Haar 5
7707 PK Balkbrug
The Netherlands


19 – 21 January 2024

Friday arrival 16.00
Sunday departure 14.00 – 16.00




Gentle Vinyasa Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Sharing circles
Mantra singing
Yoga philosophy
Gooood vibes!

Six hearty, nourishing vegetarian meals

Two nights in shared accommodation; 6 double rooms, 2 yurts triple occupancy

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